User manuals


Are you having difficulties with the technology in your room? The user manuals below are here to make your stay easier and more comfortable.


Tavarez Airconditioning

  1. Press the orange button to turn on the airconditioning
  2. Adjust the desired temperature by pressing one of the two buttons on the right top, above the orange button.
  3. To stop, press the orange button

Lucci Ceiling Fan

  1. Start the fan by pressing one of the buttons from I – VI
  2. To stop the fan, press the square ‘‘ in the
    If the fan does not work, switch the light switch.
    Each fan has a separate remote control.

Whirlpool Oven

  1. Press the power button ‘
  2. Turn the knob, select one of the functions and press the ‘6th Sense’ button
  3. Select the right temperature and press the ‘6th Sense’ button
  4. Select the right time and press the ‘6th Sense’ button to start

Marshall speaker

  1. Pull and hold the power lever
  2. Push the ‘Source’ button to toggle between Bluetooth and AUX audio
  3. For Bluetooth, push and hold the ‘Source’ button for 2 seconds
  4. Enable Bluetooth on your device and select ‘Marshall’

Whirlpool Induction Cooktop

  1. Turn on the cooktop by pressing the power button ‘‘ for approximately 2 seconds until the display lights up.
  2. Select the cooking zone you want to choose.
  3. Select the required power level by pressing ‘+’ or ‘-’
  4. To switch off the cooking zone, press the corresponding button for 3 seconds. If a cooking zone is hot, the letter ‘H’ will we be shown

Make sure the size of the pan matches the size of the cooktop



  1. Press the power button ‘‘ on the LG remote to turn on the TV
  2. Press ‘CH’ or use the numbers 0-9 on the other big remote to change channels
  3. To change volume, use ‘VOL’ on one of the two remotes
  4. To use Netflix, press the white ‘NETFLIX’ button on the small LG remote
  5. To use Smart-TV, press ‘‘ on the small LG remote and select your application of preference

Illy Coffee machine

  1. Open the capsule compartment cover by lifting the cover lever
  2. Insert the capsule and close the capsule compartment cover
  3. Place a cup in position and choose one of the two cup buttons. Dispensing will stop automatically

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