Royal Car Rental


Would you like to drive all over the island and experience Bonaire in a unique way? Call or email us and we will arrange your car at one of our car rental partners. So you can enjoy your Bonaire the best way possible! Very easy right?

Discover different places and make unforgettable memories with your amazing car from Royal Car Rental, Tropical Car Rental Bonaire or HighFive Carrental.

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+599 701 6066

About Royal Car Rental

The fleet of Royal Car Rental Bonaire consists of Subaru Foresters and different versions of Land Rovers, the cars the men behind Royal Car Rental like to drive themselves.

From their own experience, they offer you a completely carefree and unforgettable time on Bonaire. The only thing you have to worry about is which cocktail to order….

+599 701 6066