We invite you to take your SENSES experience further than just your apartment. Allow your senses to open up to the outdoors. Allow your mind to let go of controlling the situation and trust to be amazed by the island. We have partnered up with local guides that will ensure an unforgettable time outdoors. With a high service level, comfort and fun are flawlessly combined into a unique experience. Let us book the adventure of your wishes.


What is it like to be on a small rock in the Caribbean Sea? Bonaire is authentic, nature-oriented and surrounded by a protected national marine park. Our small island hosts a shallow and lively coral reef close to shore with crystal clear water and easy beach entrances. Further away from shore, you will find an arid landscape, where you can hike or bike through beautiful full grown cacti and over 50 resident species of birds. We invite you to let your senses take over your experience as you explore our little rock in the ocean.

Epic sensations

Conveniently located right in front of the hotel, Epic Tours would love to welcome you aboard their 44ft catamaran ‘Fly Away’ or one of their other luxurious sailing boats. Imagine a gentle sunset sailing cruise in Bonaire’s calm and crystal clear waters with optional snorkeling, stand-up paddle boarding, diving, freediving, and/or kitesurfing. Changing your snorkeling mask for your favorite drink as you step out of the water onto the boat, and soaking up the last golden rays of a setting sun as the warmth turns the salt water drips on your skin to a gentle natural scrub. Feel your senses awakening as you open up to epic sensations.

Sensible adventures

The adventure starts as soon as you embark a four-wheel-drive Land Rover that picks you up right on your doorstep. Adventure Makers is there to make you experience Bonaire like never before. Enjoy a full day in Bonaire’s National Park ‘Washington Slagbaai’, guided by experienced and service-oriented guides that can tell you all about the island, the geography and flora and fauna. It almost feels like a safari, but on Bonaire. As you relax in the car in between stops, you can feel your senses awakening. Thoughts are numbed to the background, and being surrounded by nature is waking you up. Your eyes are pulled towards an arid landscape with full grown cacti, a blossoming yellow Kibrahacha tree, colorful birds and curious lizards and iguanas. You smell the sea, the rocky hills and fragrant plants. You hear the waves crashing ashore, the wind through bushes and caves and the sandy trail underneath the wheels of the Land Rover. As you breath in, you feel how these new sensations are filling up your lungs like breathing in new life, and as you exhale you realise that these sensations have unlocked something within you that can never be sealed away again.

Dive deeper

Freediving, or apnea, is a journey through your own body as you explore your surroundings under water, on one single breath. Through certain breathing techniques and ways to get into your own body, Deepsea Freediving School will guide you through a unique freediving experience.