SENSES is inspired by the five physical abilities of the human body. We are here to give you the ultimate experience based on what you see, feel, smell, hear, and taste.


Let the beautifully designed suites inspire you to give your eyes and mind a well-deserved rest.


a welcome drink in your fridge, an amazing one-bite from It Rains Fishes upon arrival, the taste of fresh coffee while enjoying your ocean front breakfast. Breathe in, breathe out; your vacation has started.


the welcoming air of your vacation, the lightly scented bathing products, walk through lush gardens with wonderful flowers, smell the ocean.


your favorite music in your suite, playlists to fill your vacation with joy and relaxation. Hear the sound of the birds and the calm Caribbean Sea in the background.


the wind gently touching your skin, the softest bed linen and the textured wallpapers surrounding you as you relax in your apartment.